The Greenest Christmas Wishlist


I have compiled a list full of sustainable everyday products just for you guys! These are really simple switches. I know sometimes going green can seem overwhelming, expensive and not worth it. But it is. You're saving animals' lives, protecting the environment from waste and these items you choose to use can be used over and over again, saving you $ and helping in reducing your carbon footprint. So worth it in the long run, not just for your wallet but for your soul. It feels good to know you're taking steps for the betterment of the environment.

Make sure to click on the image in order to open the link! And please share with me any swaps you have found. 


Stasher bags are a swap to ziplock bags. You can reuse over and over again. You can freeze food in them and keep foods fresh and sealed.

Beeswrap! A replacement to plastic wrap. You can literally use these to wrap or cover any cheese, open bowls, fruits, etc. And they are washable and reusable!

Beeswrap! A replacement to plastic wrap. You can literally use these to wrap or cover any cheese, open bowls, fruits, etc. And they are washable and reusable!

Beeswrap! A replacement to plastic wrap. You can literally use these to wrap or cover any cheese, open bowls, fruits, etc. And they are washable and reusable!

Mesh bags that we use for produce and some bulk food items.

Reusable canvas tote to replace all those lame plastic grocery bags. 

We all know what a Hydroflask is and we love them. The best replacement to a water bottle. Keeps cold water cold and hot water hot for up to 12 hours. And it really works, I promise.

Straws are one of those things that are seriously no necessary at all but for some reason we just can't live without them. Glass, aluminum or bamboo are awesome alternatives! If you like to visit restaurants often carry an extra straw in your purse. No need to get more sea life mixed up with plastic straws. The alternatives are available.

Lunchboxes aren't just for homemade lunches. Have some leftovers from your date night? You can pull out your handy dandy planet box and get those goods to go! Betcha didn't think of that one!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Weck jars. These are wonderful for food storage, drink storage, big smoothies, chia pudding, lunches, etc. The possibilities are endless with Weak jars. They even have a rubber ring to keep things sealed.

This Berkey water filter makes your water taste delicious and guess what it filters? FLUORIDE. I actually don't have one so this one is really on my wishlist. Send good vibes because I really want one.

Ditch the teflon kitchenware and get yourself a real woman's/man's cast iron cooking pan. Learn to season this sucker or purchase one thats already pre-seasoned and you'll be taking this guy to bed with you.

A completely biodegradable washing brush

This is a pretty versatile glass bottle as you can use it to make your own spray for several different things. We have one for cleaning, spraying the van, and even one for spraying ourselves on the really hot days.



Disclaimer, some of these items contain plastic lids. I know. But do the proper thing. Dispose of them properly. I'll be honest, I can't DIY everything, and these items are the closest thing I have found to being almost completely biodegradable and items I actually love to use.

The Konjac sponge is amazing, it's made from the root of a plant so is completely biodegradable. It's an amazing and gentle exfoliater. These also come in different sizes for bigger parts of your body and with different ingredients to work different ways for your skin.

I am legit obsessed with exfoliating. I feel like maybe I just shed more than others so I feel exfoliating just helps my skin stay smooth and soft. These exfoliating mittens are great alternatives for loofahs. And yes, 100% biodegradable. 

My fave toothpaste in all of the world. I think this one is the best natural toothpaste out there! One of the reasons being it is in an aluminum bottle. Unfortunately the cap is made from plastic, but learn how to dispose of your plastics properly, until we convince these guys to switch completely. ;)

Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and work just as well as any plastic toothbrush. 

Another product with a plastic lid but I cannot rave about Schmidts enough! This stuff keeps me smelling so damn good and the coconut oil has made my underarms super soft over time. They do have options for sensitive armpits because the baking soda can sometimes be a little intense for some people.

Ahh. The menstrual cup. If you have not made the switch yet, then what are you waiting for? Easy to clean and you aren't spending hundreds of dollars a year on wasteful plastic applicators. There's lots of options out there. Find one that works for your body.

An all metal razor. All you have to replace are the razors. Easy as that.


I have a baby so I have to add this because... well because I have a baby. Haha.

Worth it. Clean conscious, clean bum. This company keeps it green. They recycle and reuse whatever bit of extra waste they have lying around from manufacturing. These diapers are also so soft and aren't bleached and full of nasty fragrances and chemicals.

Glass baby bottle with a rubber nipple. This is a gamble because infants just adjust to things on their own. But if you can find a glass baby bottle over a plastic one, do it.

Rubber pacifier! These pacifiers actually start falling apart overtime. They start turning white which basically means it's time to switch It up. But they do last plenty of time! They have a distinct smell but it's not horrible, although some people absolutely hate it. 

We still have lots of work to do. I will be honest, I don't think we will ever be able to eliminate plastic 100% but even 80% will make a difference in this world. Christmas is a time for love and appreciation. Mother Earth is often forgotten during this time and she gives us everything. Perhaps this year is a time to keep her in mind and give her a small gift. The gift of not trashing her.

Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links.