Juice Beauty - Drank Up Little Face!


I was skeptical of this foundation because it's so watery and I usually prefer my foundations to be a little oilier because they seem to be heavier on the skin but I was impressed by how much coverage I received from this foundation. And it wore well throughout the day. This is definitely on of those foundations that just gets better throughout the day. Like it settles nicely onto your skin, and almost ends up looking like a soft tinted moisturizer. It feels very lightweight, which I also loved. Some foundations can be a little heavy and this one was quite weightless. If you have drier skin, I would probably recommend you pass on it. It's not like drying, but you may find something a little more moisturizing.  Star ingredients in this foundation are:


Aloe - an anti-inflammatory,

Safflower - Aids in minimizing fine lines on the skin, also an anti-inflammatory, safflower contains linoleic acid which helps a ton with acne!

I actually did an insta story trying out some new "green" products. I was in the middle of recording and never having used the Juice Beauty concealer I went for it. As I was applying it, I was like whaaaaa?? Concealer does this to your under eyes?! It was also my first experience trying a concealer and I was like why don't I use this all the time. This concealer is amazing. I had forgotten about it, testing other ones but every time I use it again I'm like, "Why am I not using this stuff?" It holds up really well throughout the day. I do bake to make sure it doesn't crease and it just works amazingly. This is one of my highly recommended products!


The first time I tried this mascara, I was not a fan. Totally not sold on it. I tried it one other time and I was into it. So if you are looking for simple natural looking lashes, this mascara is great for that! Like when you're not trying to be extra.