3 Easy Clean/Green Beauty Swaps

3 Easy Clean/Green items

So once a week I'll be sharing green/clean swaps to your conventional products with products that contain safer ingredients. This may seem like a pain but seriously, start slowly and before you know it, it's all good clean products in your home.

Today I’m sharing with you my 3 favorite products. These are easy to easy to start with and slow and steady wins the race. So here we go!

  1. Shampoo
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Deodorant

These are probably the 3 most used items and there are lots of options out there. And, yes I could make my own but to be honest, I don’t have the space for all the extra stuff I would have lying around and these 3 are amazing so there’s no need. Additionally, as a small business owner I love supporting other businesses with creativity.

Innersense Organic Beauty. I’ve shared this brand with you guys before. But I honestly can’t rave about it enough. It’s the most delicious smelling shampoo and conditioner and actually keeps my curls tame and shiny as well as my straight styled hair cute AF. I was told that this shampoo in particular does not leave residue on the scalp so less washing is needed. (WOOT! WOOT!) Saves you some water. You can also “cowash” meaning just wash with the conditioner. I do this often because sometimes my hair just needs to be tamed and not necessarily washed.

DSC02648 2.jpg

David’s Natural Toothpaste is my go to for toothpaste. I actually wanted to find a toothpaste with earth friendly packaging and this was the one that did it for. It does have carrageenan which some people are not comfortable using, but it’s worked perfectly fine for me. Green toothpastes are hard for me. So this is definitely a score. It definitely leaves my mouth feeling refreshed without the burning.

Image by Davids-usa.com

Image by Davids-usa.com

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant is bomb.com. I’ve experimented with a few different natural deodorants and seriously this one is the very best. I’ve even made my own but these guys just have it all down. My favorite is the Bergamot Lime in the signature jar formula. It produces the least amount of waste because it comes in a glass jar. I love this last one in particular because it actually makes my armpits SO soft. They make a sensitive skin formula because of the baking soda, which can sometimes irritate the underarms. But my pits are strong as hell so go with the stronger stuff.

DSC02655 2.jpg

My advice is, if you're trying to go clean with your products choose your top 3 favorite and most used items and switch those over. Trying to switch everything all at once can be so overwhelming. If you're like me, you'll just give up. 

What green products do you use?


P.s. If you are unfamiliar with checking your ingredients download these APPS!