Van Life and Shampoo and Why it Matters.

People often wonder the super simple logistics of living in a van. Things like what products we use to wash, what we eat, trash bags, hygienic stuff, literally anything and everything. If you are interested in different ways we shower check out this post on So here I am sharing a little bit of what we do. This is how I, Giddi, do "vanlife."

I’ll say right now, I am no hippie. I like showers, I like fashion, makeup and all those things. BUT, I also appreciate simple products with eco conscious production in mind. We try really hard to live sustainably and it's SO hard sometimes but we do try when we can. I will admit though, I go through days when I'm just like "I don't give a damn anymore, I'll drink all the coke, and use as many trash bags as I want ." Oh, and junk. I want all the junk, but I feel like super guilty of not caring about my body and my surroundings (ok, now I'm going off on a tangent. Haha!)

 I’m going to share a few of my favorite natural/organic/biodegradeable beauty products with you guys. This is what we, Jace and Giddi use (and not all vanlifers are the same). There are reasons behind each product we choose to use. I won’t cover it all in one post because there’s so much so I’ll do my best to share over the next few weeks. Let's start with haircare! 

We recently discovered Innersense Beauty and we are in love. I was previously a dedicated Biolage user but Innsersense beats all. There are lots of natural, organic beauty hair products out in the world and this is by far the best one we have discovered. It smells amazing! We spend a lot of nights with a campfire and getting "eau de campfire" out of your hair is intense (we actually love that campfire smell btw)! But this stuff is magic and the firewood smell disappears and OMG leaves our hair so soft.

Another great thing about this stuff is it smells REAL. Like not artificial. It’s created with Essential Oils, so your hair smells herbalicious. The ingredients are cruelty free and NON GMO! (You can find a list of the ingredients here). I was also told that Innersense reduces your need to shampoo. Green products leave no residue and your scalp doesn’t fight to breathe - so less oil and less washing needed. Its ideal for those of us on the road. Saves water, time, product, etc. Its also perfect for “co-washing” which is washing with just conditioner. We take showers outside sometimes, so in addition to using products with human friendly ingredients we also have to use products with earth friendly ingredients because we aren’t about that poisoning-the-earth-life. 

So if you’re interested in having Jace’s gorgeous locks, and still loving the earth at the same time, you can get this shampoo here or you can join our giveaway on Instagram (which will end Friday July 29, 2017).